Max Wason

Flagstaff, AZ ·

Hello, and welcome to my website!

  • I'm a producer/software engineer focusing on results via effectiveness over shallow efficiency.
  • I love making engaging, positive experiences for people, whether that be large scale through my work or more personally through those I know and interact with.
  • I have consistently demonstrated success with process improvement and interdisciplinary collaboration within the sphere of technical development, and I intend on continuing that trend.
    • And, no that isn't just a collection of buzzwords; I truly mean all of that :)

Note: This website is in an early state of development! Expect large scale changes and improvements, especially to the layout/aesthetics. Check out the rewrite progress here:


  • Independently designed, implemented, and marketed a set of video games that have over 25 million total downloads, and over 1.5 million monthly downloads (~50k/day).
  • Led the development of an automated testing tool which saved a client over $750,000 annually.
  • Obtained a variety of soft skill, such as communication, leadership, and teamwork, which were refined through a diversity of experiences.

I've worked with a variety of clients and organizations:

And all have been happy:

"Max took great pride in the work he performed and showed great technical aptitude, as well as fantastic communication skills. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Max again."
- Toby Frazier, Director of Test Engineering, Choice Hotels International

"I found Max to be an excellent communicator, proactive on status, and clear and detailed in technical discussion. On technical implementation, Max produced clean, modular, and well documented code, and his feedback and questions helped refine the Hero APIs and developer documentation for those to follow. Overall, I found Max to be a very friendly guy and exceptionally easy to work with."
- Ryan Wilson, Lead Platform Developer, Outpost Games

Here is a small sampling of my skills:

  • Core:

  • Web:

Check out my resume for a great overview, view my LinkedIn for moderate depth, or keep scrolling for the full experience.

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Lead Game Developer

  • Created a set of video game addons that have over 25 million cumulative downloads; peaking at just under 1.5 million more per month. For perspective, that's around 50,000 additional downloads every day.
  • Implemented large (over 100,000 lines of code large), complex, and collaborative works with best practices integrated throughout such as dedicated bug trackers, consistent git usage, and automated building/deployment.
  • Designed clean code with integration of other open source projects/APIs; my projects were all created on top of a base game and an accompanying independent API, so learning how to read, understand, and sometimes reverse engineer other programmers' source code was a necessity.
  • Created high quality internal and external end-user documentation, occasionally collaborating with other content producers to do so.
  • Implemented solid game design practices, both within the context of the base game and other popular mods. This ultimately creates an enriching and engaging end experience for the player.
  • Utilized softer skills, such as marketing, design, art, branding, CRM, social media, and asynchronous cross-disciplined remote teamwork to encourage the products’ overall success.
  • Free and open source.
  • January 2013 - Present

    Contract Game Developer

    Outpost Games
  • Proved the viability of the company by implementing their custom platform into a third-party game.
  • Implemented the Hero platform in Minecraft via a custom live emoticon reaction overlay to make streams more interactive.
  • Created extensive documentation and gave detailed feedback, resulting in very satisfied clients.
  • Extensively custom; from API integrations to rendering code, nearly all of it was done from the ground up to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Performed truly holistic development. Wrote the contract, programmed the entire product, created sprite art, dealt with animations, etc.
  • April 2018 - August 2018

    Lead Software Developer in Test

    Choice Hotels International
  • Developed a Chrome plugin to be used as an automated testing tool for Choice Hotels International, saving them upwards of $750,000 annually.
  • Team lead; balanced academics requirements, the client's business needs, and the internal technical implementation to great success.
  • The end result is free and open source; it is published and live on the Chrome Web Store.
  • August 2016 - May 2017

    Lead Full Stack Web Developer

    National Park Service
  • Created a web 2.0 Online Launch Calendar for the Grand Canyon River Outfitters' Association.
  • Designed and implemented a full fledged Ruby on Rails website, with user accounts, clean design, etc.
  • Collaborated with other developers and managers through weekly meetings, pair programming sessions, and other asynchronous communication methods.
  • Assumed a leadership role by mentoring and onboarding a new developer. In addition I implemented new methodologies to improve future development speed, and optimized the development cycle and logistics of work assignments.
  • Worked remotely and independently.
  • May 2016 - February 2017

    Lead Android Developer

    Jonkoping University
  • Led a team of 3 international developers to rapidly produce a fully functional Android Application in only 2 months using agile methodologies.
  • The app was fully featured; it allowed a user to share vacations and memories with others. Think mixing Facebook and Instagram, with some additional features.
  • Written in Java, it utilized a REST API to query request to an AWS (Amazon Web Server) to get and post data out of the MySQL database we wrote.
  • October 2015 - December 2015

    Non Technical

    Whitewater River Guide

    August 2015 - Present
  • Fostered the growth of youth by providing experiential education.
  • Lead groups of 20+ middle school students through week-long river trips; being together so much necessitated a solid understanding of leadership, team building, group management and group dynamics.
  • Utilized adaptive communication and gave encouragement to youth, all while setting and enforcing behavioral expectations.
  • Discovered my own leadership style of reflective, pointed management through understanding and compassion.
  • Collaborated with senior guides in nightly debriefs where we reviewed the group dynamics while giving and obtaining internal performance feedback. More in-depth reflections occurred (with accompanying documentation) after each trip as well.
  • October 2015 - December 2015

    Sous Chef

    The Cottage Place
  • Managed the entire day shift of one of the “Top 100 Overall Restaurants” in the U.S. (as awarded by Open Table).
  • Worked autonomously, delegated tasks as needed, and posted one of the highest grossing years in the restaurant’s history.
  • Rose from dishwasher to prep chef to pastry chef to sous chef in under a year. Consistently demonstrated mastery of my rapidly obtained skills.
  • May 2011 - July 2014


    Northern Arizona University

    BSC Applied Computer Science

    • Minor in Psychology.
    • 3.9 cumulative GPA; 4.0 within the core computer science curriculum.
    • Averaged over 17 credits per semester, with the near perfect GPA noted above.

    August 2014 - May 2017

    Jonkoping University

    Software Engineering

    • Acquired knowledge of computer science (and more) outside of the sphere of American universities.
    • Emphasis on multicultural teamwork and crystalline communication in a highly technical work setting.
    • Top 20% of the a master's level course while only halfway through my bachelor's degree.

    August 2015 - December 2015


    Professional Scrum Master
    April 2018
    Professional Scrum Product Owner
    April 2018


    Hard Skills
    • Novice: Can understand the basics. Conceptual knowledge, but no "real" work done with it. Typically less than 1 year of experience.
    • Competent: Can manage. Usually around 1 year of experience working with the given tool.
    • Proficient: Can work well with the given skill. 3+ years of experience.
    • Adept: Knows some advanced tricks. 5+ years of experience.
    • Expert: Knows most nuances. 10+ years of experience.
    • Master: Knows every intricacy. Only given if you wrote a wildly popular language/framework/etc.; something to strive for but never really achieve otherwise. 20+ years of experience.

    • Important Note: Years of experience are predicated on that time being spent in deliberate practice , not just passively using a given skill. My standards are intentionally high.
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master
    Minecraft Forge
    Level: Novice Competent Proficient Adept Expert Master

    Soft Skills
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership

    • Full SDLC: Planning, Execution, Testing, Delivery
    • Continuous Iteration
    • Cross Functional Teams


    Prioritize Meaningful Results

    Effectiveness over efficiency. The Pareto Principle. Even human performance fits a power law distribution. In summary, be expedient but heavily focus on work that is truly impactful.

    Be Proactive, not Reactive

    Design better systems even in highly complex environments; don’t just reactively fix symptoms.

    Reach for the Stars, but Stay Grounded

    Have the capability to think big picture and do so often, but temper it with the skills and discipline to make it a reality.

    Never Stop Learning

    It is nearly impossible to overstate how important this is.

    Think Win-Win

    Zero sum games are surprisingly rare with the right perspective.

    People First

    They are the beginning and endpoint of all we do, from customers to coworkers. Don’t forget this!

    Awards & Certifications


    13th in the World - Creative Problem Solving

    Awarded from the competition Odyssey of the Mind, with over 100,000 competitors.

    Dean's List

    Was in the top of the class for every year I was enrolled in American educational institutions.


    Bachelor's Degree of Science

    Applied Computer Science. Psychology minor.

    Professional Scrum Master, Product Owner

    Organizational process improvement framework.

    Wilderness First Responder

    Licensed medical certification for intensive remote care.